Hair Care

Shampoo Advanced

Stem Cell Extract, Anagain and with GST-P active ingredients enriched ByLati Shampoo nourishes your hair and scalp strengthens. Shampoo the root of the skin to cells clinically proven regenerative effects suitable for cosmetic use with which is the world’s first liposomal active the constituent Stem Cell contains extract. Special formula for hair loss prevents, hair is stronger, makes it voluminous and shiny.

Hair care

Hair Conditioner Mask

ByLati Fen water specially to shape your hair It is planned to. Unique formula, lightens hair with active ingredients shapes and nourishes and protects against external factors. Her hair is voluminous, smooth and shiny to revive by making helps

Hair & Skin care

Hair & scalp care serum

ByLati Hair and Scalp Care Serum from healthy and voluminous hair perfect to enjoy. Serum for fragile and damaged hair nourishes and restores. Contains clinically proven, licensed active ingredients and all Suitable for all hair types and styles there is a plant complex. This is ideal formula for healthy looking hair hydration and shine to them helps to add.

Hair care

Hair care serum

For a beautiful and bright look developed ByLati Hair Care Remove the serum from your hair helps protect against the elements. Its powerful formula throughout the day provides deep protection, prevents hair breakage and gives a bright shine, moisturizes.